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…and its evolution to  “WIMAXX”

The next generation of WIMAX with something X-tra

Mobile communications is a fast paced and challenging business with its

advancements in technology and the prolific introduction of new CPE devices

to meet consumer demands.

Which companies will win the race in this rapid changing mobile industry?

In 2005, WIMAX was the new contender that would be superior to 3G cellular

systems.  The industry had great anticipation for WIMAX with its advanced

features and data speed.

By early 2010, WIMAX has proven itself as a viable technology globally

however it is now being eclipsed by 3GPP LTE (Long-Term Evolution).   LTE

is the next high speed wireless data and voice mobile technology with promise.

Verizon and AT&T have decided to build out their wireless networks with LTE

while CLEAR (Clearwire) communications has proceeded with WIMAX.   This continues the

problem of global wireless infrastructure with different platforms that separate

consumers and CPE manufacturers.

So what is best, WIMAX or LTE?

Both technologies have the potential to replace wired broadband connections

with speeds capable of providing services such as HDTV on mobiles, TV via

wireless IP connnection, mobile video conference services and limitless other

high speed internet applications.

WIMAX and LTE  work best in “fixed” point to point applications.   The global

market for fixed wireless services offers sustainable business development


The critical question is which platform will capture the mobile market

wherein lies the majority of subscribers and revenues?

Here are some of the considerations in these two platforms.

  • WIMAX requires a new network to be built whereas LTE runs on an evolution of the existing UMTS infrastructure that already includes the majority of mobile subscribers globally.
  • LTE can be deployed on the existing lower frequency UMTS spectrum allowing for greater coverage per base station and lower infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  • LTE has potentially higher speed than WIMAX.
  • LTE uses less power for upload transmission than does WIMAX which translates to longer battery life in mobile handsets.

What is the future for WIMAX?   Is LTE going to become the leading wireless


The success of WIMAX will come down to coverage, MARKETING and …..

….integration with G3 and LTE.

The consumer does not care what frequency their mobile handset operates on,

but will buy the mobile devices that have the best coverage and highest speed.

Is WIMAX already dead?   NO….but CLEAR (Sprint Nextel) launched XOHM,

the largest mobile WIMAX network in America,  and already NOKIA cancelled

production of the NOKIA 810 line for WIMAX handsets.     CLEAR is left with only

one manufacturer, HTC, to produce WIMAX mobile handsets.    What does this indicate?

Is NOKIA preparing for LTE handset production?

The XOHM webpage claims they are America’s fastest wireless mobile network.

How long will that title survive with new LTE developments ready for deployment?

WIMAX is a viable long term evolution technology but must be made more formidable.

What will make WIMAX the best LONG TERM EVOLUTION in mobile wireless is….

….a new chipset that integrates WIMAX with LTE.      WIMAX X-tra!

The key to success for mobile wireless companies will be the integration of

the platforms.  Which CHIP and CPE manufacturers will integrate WIMAX and

the other platforms into their wireless chipsets and CPE units?

CLICK HERE to see the new WIMAX chipset code-name

Any WIMAX chip manufacturer interested?

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